CRAM functions in a number of ways, frequently altering it's base and working area, while keeping it's artistic ethos the same. Here are some examples of what we get up to:

CRAM exchange & residency projects 2018 onwards. Artists to be confirmed.

Grand collaboration of 2017 - CRAM, Squib Box and the BBC! An evening curated by Benedict Taylor (CRAM) Squib Box & ARCO artists, recorded in full for BBC Radio 3 Hear and Now, for broadcast in 2018.

'WEB HIATUS' 2016-2017

CRAM / FriForma Residency, Ljubljana Slovenia 2016

CRAM Festival - 3 days of improvisation at Hundred Years Gallery, London 2015 & 2016

Live performance residency at Hundred Years Gallery, London 2014-2016

Recording projects 2011-date

Live performance in many London venues - 2011-date 

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