Friday, 20 May 2016

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 2 set 4 - Closing Octet

Just when you thought you were out, they pulled you back in...

All musicians regroup and raise the roof, after a mind bending two days performing and recording, to round up CRAM - FriForma Residency 2016 with this hugely exciting closing octet.

A host of outcast virtuoso slightly delirious angels, wail goodnight in one marvellous last hurrah...

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 2 set 3 - Taylor / Grom Duo

The bowed strings come together in a beautiful, bombastic duel between new friends. New horizons are discovered and real sweat is dripped in this duo from Tomaz Grom & Benedict Taylor.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 2 set 2 - Ward / Resnik / Jackson Trio

The eagerly awaited Reeds Trio create another world of clarinets and sax. Take all the things that you thought brilliant reed players should be getting up to and cast them aside. It's rewritten here by Alex Ward, Cene Resnik & Tom Jackson

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 2 set 1 - Drasler / Thomspson / Drasler Trio

Stunning percussive & 'stringy' trio AND Dan Thompson in a brothers sandwich... Serious subtlety and ears like elephants in this magical trio from Vid Drasler, Daniel Thompson & Jost Drasler

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 1 set 4 - Ward / Drasler / Grom

I'll take your brain to another dimension... pay close attentions. Better believe it.

Smashing out the 4th set of day one of CRAM/FriForma mini fest we have the monstrously ace Alex Ward, Jost Drasler & Tomaz Grom

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 1 set 3 - Resnik / Thompson / Taylor Trio

These sets flip zones like unlucky lottery tickets!

Incredible spontaneous chamber music from Cene Resnik, Daniel Thompson & Benedict Taylor. With giant elephant ears loving the silence as much as the big bang, this trio marches calmly into a new world of unseen dialogues.

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 1 set 2 - Jackson / Drasler Duo

Phenomenal duo from Tom Jackson & Vid Drasler.

This will blow away your cobwebs, wash away earwax and send you home crying for one more hit.

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 1 set 1 - Opening Octet

The wonderful moment when 8 musicians who've just met get together to make such wonderful art spontaneously. Can there be a better opening conversation between people...

Top guns of the Slovenian & UK improvised music scene come together to make their manifesto for the CRAM - FriForma Residency in this outstanding opening octet. 

Amazing Slovenian residency as CRAM headed to Ljubljana to collaborate with FriForma

An incredible time was had during FriForma - CRAM Residency in Ljubljana. Wonderful music was created by 8 outstanding artists. During a packed 48 hours we had 2 concerts and a superb recording session. New friendships emerged (very very quickly) and unbelievable dialogues & musical relationships ensued. From that such beautiful music was created.
Huge thanks to our incredible players: Cene Resnik, Tom Jackson, Tomaz Grom, Daniel Thompson, Vid Drasler, Benedict Taylor, Jost Drasler & Alex Ward. A bunch of musical magicians, beautiful lunatics, wonderful wandering minstrels! 
An enormous call out to Laszlo Juhasz & NataĊĦa Serec and of course their great work with Kud Mezra / FriForma. Without the vision of Natasa & Laszlo, none of these events could ever have happened.
A super international collaboration...just this space, there will be more..........