Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Amazing Slovenian residency as CRAM headed to Ljubljana to collaborate with FriForma

An incredible time was had during FriForma - CRAM Residency in Ljubljana. Wonderful music was created by 8 outstanding artists. During a packed 48 hours we had 2 concerts and a superb recording session. New friendships emerged (very very quickly) and unbelievable dialogues & musical relationships ensued. From that such beautiful music was created.
Huge thanks to our incredible players: Cene Resnik, Tom Jackson, Tomaz Grom, Daniel Thompson, Vid Drasler, Benedict Taylor, Jost Drasler & Alex Ward. A bunch of musical magicians, beautiful lunatics, wonderful wandering minstrels! 
An enormous call out to Laszlo Juhasz & NataĊĦa Serec and of course their great work with Kud Mezra / FriForma. Without the vision of Natasa & Laszlo, none of these events could ever have happened.
A super international collaboration...just this space, there will be more..........

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