Thursday 17 May 2018

CRAM at Cafe Oto

This summer CRAM will be spending some time at Cafe Oto and Cafe Oto Project Space.


22nd of May
19th of June
17th of July
31st of July

There will be music, merch, drinks, chats AND ALL THE REST OF IT.

Tuesday 6 March 2018

CRAM at ARCH 1 - 20/03/2018 DO NOT MISS

Following a busy winter of concerts, festival planning & recently broadcasting with BBC Radio 3, we are thrilled to smash into the springtime with a return to East London's brilliant venue Arch 1.  

This proves to be a big one!!!

A night of groupings large and small, all in the wonderful setting and acoustic of this super venue. An international affair featuring some incredible artists, both London residents and touring guests:  

Matthias Boss - violin
Marcello Magliocchi - drums / percussions
Adrian Northover - saxophones
Tom Jackson - Clarinets
Mareske Okamoto - cello/bass
Benedict Taylor - Viola

Arch 1, London.  West Ham station 5 minutes (Underground & DLR) Star Lane DRL 2 minutes  Doors 8pm, £7

CRAM & Squib SMASH IT on BBC Radio 3 Hear and Now

It's super to announce the broadcast and link to CRAM / Squib collaboration 'BAGGAGE' recorded for BBC Radio 3 Hear & Now back in December 2017, live at The Old Dentist London.

The show was on Saturday the 3rd of March 2018 and is getting great to support.  Thanks to all for listening.

BAGGAGE was the collaboration between CRAM & Squib Box, curated by Benedict Taylor, Neil Luck, Chihiro Ono, Adam de la Cour & Federico Reuben.

Featuring The Two Bennys, Improvisation by Sarah Gail Brand & Steve Beresford and a new version of Beethoven Violin Concerto LIKE NO OTHER.


Sarah Gail Brand (trombone)
Steve Beresford (live electronics)
Chihiro Ono (solo violin)
Benedict Taylor (viola & megaphone, penny whistle & voice)
Gaia Blandina (cello)
Samuel Rice (double bass)
Adam de la Cour (voice, tap)
Federico Reuben (live electronics)
Laonikos Psimikakis-Chalkokondylis (shakuhachi & guitar)
Neil Luck (tabletop objects & voice)
Neil Georgeson (organ)
Mary Ann Hushlak (voice)

Check out the show on iPlayer for some time here:

Keep an eye out for footage.....

Thursday 1 February 2018

TWO DUOS: CRAM at Hundred Years Gallery - 11/02/2018

CRAM presents a late afternoon concert comprised of two fabulous duos made up of some of the most exciting players on the London scene.

We are thrilled to return to Hundred Years Gallery to kick start a busy CRAM agenda for 2018.

It's the first of many upcoming concerts and releases and proves to be an exciting afternoon.

TWO DUOS: John Edwards & Daniel Thompson + Alex Ward & Benedict Taylor.

Come and join us for music, coffee, beer, food, chats, merch and the rest!

Doors at 3.30, music at 4pm.

Thursday 14 December 2017

Get prepped for 2018...

There's a batch of new releases, collaborations and concerts in the pipeline for the New Year.

Keep up on info here, twitter & facebook for happenings of 2018...

CRAM, Squib Box and the BBC!

Huge thanks to all the great artists, crowd, BBC Radio 3 team, promoters, co-curators, who all contributed to such a great night of BAGGAGE at the marvellous venue The Dentist recently.

What a time we had!

If you missed the madness and the music, keep your eyes/ears open for news of our broadcast on Hear and Now in the new year....