Thursday, 1 February 2018

TWO DUOS: CRAM at Hundred Years Gallery - 11/02/2018

CRAM presents a late afternoon concert comprised of two fabulous duos made up of some of the most exciting players on the London scene.

We are thrilled to return to Hundred Years Gallery to kick start a busy CRAM agenda for 2018.

It's the first of many upcoming concerts and releases and proves to be an exciting afternoon.

TWO DUOS: John Edwards & Daniel Thompson + Alex Ward & Benedict Taylor.

Come and join us for music, coffee, beer, food, chats, merch and the rest!

Doors at 3.30, music at 4pm.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Get prepped for 2018...

There's a batch of new releases, collaborations and concerts in the pipeline for the New Year.

Keep up on info here, twitter & facebook for happenings of 2018...

CRAM, Squib Box and the BBC!

Huge thanks to all the great artists, crowd, BBC Radio 3 team, promoters, co-curators, who all contributed to such a great night of BAGGAGE at the marvellous venue The Dentist recently.

What a time we had!

If you missed the madness and the music, keep your eyes/ears open for news of our broadcast on Hear and Now in the new year....

Friday, 20 May 2016

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 2 set 4 - Closing Octet

Just when you thought you were out, they pulled you back in...

All musicians regroup and raise the roof, after a mind bending two days performing and recording, to round up CRAM - FriForma Residency 2016 with this hugely exciting closing octet.

A host of outcast virtuoso slightly delirious angels, wail goodnight in one marvellous last hurrah...

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 2 set 3 - Taylor / Grom Duo

The bowed strings come together in a beautiful, bombastic duel between new friends. New horizons are discovered and real sweat is dripped in this duo from Tomaz Grom & Benedict Taylor.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

CRAM - FriForma Residency Ljubljana, day 2 set 2 - Ward / Resnik / Jackson Trio

The eagerly awaited Reeds Trio create another world of clarinets and sax. Take all the things that you thought brilliant reed players should be getting up to and cast them aside. It's rewritten here by Alex Ward, Cene Resnik & Tom Jackson